Monday, 28 March 2011


I am really into the whole concept of upcycling - it's like breathing new life into an old piece of jewellery so it can be loved again. Ok, a bit romantic but you get the idea!

I found this old ballerina brooch amongst a bowl of jewellery in a charity shop and brought it home with the intention of giving it a new lease of life. I chose it because it was very similar to a brooch that I remember my mum wearing when I was little. It held great sentimental value because it was given to her by a friend when she was at university. One day she looked down at her coat and realised that it had fallen off, a sad day!

Back to the present day, I took my find home with me and cleaned it and voila! The detail is fabulous, her face is beautiful.

I have made a chain with clear Czech glass crystals on one side and some larger crystals on the other side. The clasp is magnetic and the rhinestones in it match the ballerina's skirt.

The pin of the brooch feeds through a strong split ring so it can be detached and worn on it's own if preferred. Just in time for Mothers Day!

By the way, for all those who wondered, the hairband in the post below passed the acid test with flying colours!


  1. LOVE it! I always wanted to be a dancer.

  2. Very pretty. The loss of your Mum's brooch must have made quite an impression on you when you were small to choose to re-make something similar all these years later. I love the delicate rhinestones with the sweet ballerina.

  3. Pretty! It is very romantic and nice that it has a story to go with it.

  4. Such a great find, Debbie! I love the way the ballerina is balancing. It is fun to find these treasures and put them to good use again.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Debbie - I love doing the same and find this ballerina oh so sweet! Your story was interesting, too.

    Thanks for finding me via the Spring Blog Hop - I've found a new blog to read now, too!


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