Thursday, 24 February 2011

Spring is sprung!

I've discovered so many fabulous blogs recently and have been so busy reading and posting comments that I have neglected my own blog a little! I have especially been following 365 Jars which is a project being run by Kirsty Hall in Bristol. For a whole year, Kirsty will hide an art jar somewhere in Bristol and finders can post their details on her website, it's an exciting project and I'm glued to it now!

My recent make has been a necklace in the theme of this post's title which is also the name of the current competition being run by Linda Jones of Wireworkers Guild.

I'm still finding my feet with photos and found this one difficult to get into one shot as it is a long necklace. There is no clasp as such but a silver flower charm which has a chain running through it which can slide back and fore to act like an extender chain when you put it over your head.

Wish me luck for the competition!


  1. Good luck Deb, nice color pallet inspires hope of spring in the air somewhere. lol ;p

  2. Hi Lana, thank you for your kind comment :-)


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