Monday, 6 June 2011

I heart Heartsy

Thanks to Copper Diem I have discovered Heartsy. The best way to describe it is a kind of Groupon for handmade items! Great deals and I'm looking forward to seeing the daily featured offers!

Heartsy describes itself as follows...

Heartsy features exclusive daily deals on handmade items across the internet. Our mission is to introduce you to new & talented artisans every day via amazing deals.

For Sellers

Heartsy strives to be a champion for independent sellers by providing a platform in which our community of buyers helps us choose which artisans to feature.

Fun Facts

Heartsy was launched (appropriately) on Valentine’s Day in 2011.
The most vouchers ever sold by a single deal on Heartsy is 500.
Heartsy has driven 412 sellers more than 29k voucher sales and $380k+ to date.

If you click on the Heartsy button I have added on the right and join up through this link then we both earn $5 credit!

Have fun!

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