Sunday, 14 August 2011

Total Treasures Blog Hop

Welcome to the Total Treasures Blog Hop which has been organised by Amy of Copper Diem blog. When Amy suggested this blog hop I was really intrigued so I signed up.

Amy has designed an Etsy treasury for each participant and the instructions were as follows:

Use the inspiration from that treasury to create ANY piece of jewelry. Earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings, all of the above, whatever you like. On August 14, post the screen shot and link to the treasury you were given, along with whatever you were inspired to make, and a list of the hoppers provided by Amy.

Here's the link to my treasury Hot Sunday

I was inspired by the colour red and also the bow that featured in the treasury. I have been wanting to introduce material into my designs for a while and came up with this bracelet which includes satin cord and black onyx strung through on black wire.

In my stash I also had some gorgeous red glass beads which are half coated with a kind of aurora borealis glaze. The beads came from a necklace I found in a charity shop and now they live again!
I tried for ages to think of something else to add to this bracelet but in the end, it looked best as below - the beads are so shimmery!

Earrings made with the same beads and vintage brass wire.

Hair grips wrapped with vintage brass wire.

I'm really pleased with the way these turned out.

And here's the list of hoppers...enjoy!

Copper Diem
Fuego, metal y color
Silver Nik Nats
Beads and Bread
Copper Penny Designs
Green Shoot You are here!
Wild Sally Road
Mamas Got To Doodle
For the Love of Beads
Beads for Busy Gals EBS Jewellery
Cianci Blue
Beads for Brains
Nicki's Reef
Sweet Girl Design
Nicole Rennell">

Thanks to Amy for organising this blog hop, I really enjoyed being a part of it and can't wait to hop around everyone else!


  1. Wow you came up with alot! I think the first bracelet is my favorite, really bold and modern looking!

  2. I love those colors! Can't believe how much you came up with! They are all beautiful and I love the bow on the first one!

  3. I love this silk bracelet. This is really cool, elegant - seems perfect for a cocktail dress..... ;-)

  4. Your silk bracelet is very elegant, I have tried to do a bracelet like that for a little girl and it didn't work out very well. Yours is divine.

  5. Black and red allways works, but that silk ribbon makes wonders!
    I love that first bracelet.

  6. Oh wow all of your pieces are gorgeous! I really like the bracelet with the satin cord and black onyx. I have been wanting to use ribbon with a design but have not stepped out of my zone and tried it yet.

  7. love the fiber & beads, & the wire linked bracelet,earrings, & hairpins are totally blowing the curve for the rest of us, ;).

  8. Love the design on the first bracelet, seriously cool. All your ideas were spot on with the treasury. Way to go!!

  9. Love the satin bracelet. Fiber jewerly is simply the best!


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