Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bead soup is cooking...

My bead soup ingredients have arrived and Iook how fabulous they are!

Gorgeous ribbon, turquoise beads, speckled glass beads, moss agate, gold coloured pearls, mottled chips, blue glass beads, jasper donuts, a pink resin bar bead, a silver toggle and an amazing ceramic pendant with hummingbird design!

What a gorgeous collection, I will be able to make loads with this!

Heartfelt thanks to my bead soup partner, Ann Rishell of My Critical Eye blog.

Can't wait until reveal day!


  1. Deb, you received a beautiful (and a lot) collection there! The hummingbird pendant is very pretty. Will watch to see what you make with your soup.

  2. Lovely selection you have there Deb and gorgeous colours - looking forward to seeing you design(s).

  3. Yummy bead soup mix Deb, I relly like the humming bird pendant and all the deliscious gem stones. I can hardly wait till 9/17 to see what everyone has cooked up.

  4. Oh wow Deb, that is one fabulous bowl of soup!

  5. Right - those are all beautiful.

    Cassy from Rock Guitar Lessons


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