Wednesday 23 January 2013

Two Mermaids

I haven't blogged in aaaages but I have good reason, I've been busy getting to grips with social networking and setting up an Etsy shop! I've dabbled in making jewellery as a hobby for a long time and this year I've decided that it's time to try and properly make an effort to make a dream come true by making this a real venture. So, the sky's the limit, if I don't try I'll spend the rest of my life regretting it, I also wanted to show my little girl that you can live a dream doing what you love doing if you try, so here we go!

I've named my shop Two Mermaids, after my daughter and I, it sums up our love of designing and making jewellery together and our love of the seaside particularly at beautiful St Ives.

You can find us at the following:

Two Mermaids Facebook page

Search for me on Twitter as twomermaids@twomermaidscafe

Two Mermaids Etsy shop

Please follow, favourite, share and whatever else you can think of to help us get off to a good start! Who knows, I may be able to give up the day job one day. Thank you for sticking with me through the quiet times x


  1. Congrats on taking this step towards your dream, Deb! (Love your logo!)

  2. Well done Deb. My aim this year is to actually get some work in to my Artfire shop!!
    Good luck with it all..a very cute name, too!


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