Monday 27 June 2011

Muffin tin challenge reveal!

This was the most stretching challenge yet but I am so proud that I've managed to complete it on time. See the post below for my original muffin tin, I've changed some of the items along the way as inspiration struck and here are the finished pieces...

And some closer ups...

This necklace includes a limpet shell I found on the beach at St Ives and I've sprayed it with silver paint, very effective! The charms are sterling silver with labradorite coin beads and a swarovski mix.

The earrings are amazonite with antique brass wire and smokey quartz crystal beads.

This bracelet is made with lampwork beads from CeeGee designs and the focal is a piece of sea glass that my daughter and I found on the beach.

Some earrings to match the bracelet and some large hand wrapped kidney wires with lampwork beads from Anastasia Beads.

A bracelet made with pewter skull beads, Rose quartz rounds and a Rose quartz skull bead from Buffys Beads at Carnaby Street, London.

An amethyst bracelet stung on silver wire with a bling magnetic clasp.

And my daughter's favourite, crystal wrapped hair grips inspired by the lovely Rebecca Anderson of Songbeads.

Finally, a bracelet made with antiqued brass wire, pressed glass leaves and flowers with a beehive focal from Kylie Parry.

Thank you to Heather of Humble Beads, this challenge really focussed my mind!


  1. Great job and you picked a color scheme I really, really love:-)

  2. Beautiful pieces! I especially love those wrapped kidney wire earrings - very cool! Wasn't this a fun challenge?

  3. Deb, I like the way you wrapped the beads up the earring wire. Clever! Enjoy the day!

  4. Love that bling clasp and the beaded ear wire!!

  5. Love the shell very cool idea!That Kylie parry bead is one of my favorites!

  6. I love the sea glass and lampwork bracelet. A very serene look.

  7. Great designs! I love the variety of colors you brought out of your stash...and the beach glass is the best!!

  8. Very nice! I love how you brought in reminders of days at the beach. Makes me long for the sand between my toes!

  9. very nice. I love the sea glass I wish I was closer to the beach.

  10. I love the Limpet shell you turned into a bead- beautifully creative idea! I also like the wrappped bobby pins- very unique! You did a wonderful job on the challenge!

  11. Those are very beautiful pieces, I really like the lampwork and sea glass bracelet.

  12. Very pretty! Congrats on completing the challenge, it was a big one to take on :)


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