Monday, 22 October 2012

Postcards from the past

Whilst we were out for the weekend, I spotted a vintage postcard fair so we decided to have a quick look. Not really something that floats my boat but then I found some postcards of St Ives (favourite place in the whole world!)

I was amazed to see that despite the postcards dating from at least 60 years ago, not much has really changed. Then I started to read the interesting insight into life from times gone by but one thing in common with the present day, everyone loves St Ives! I loved the thought of getting a snapshot into someone's life and wondering what the rest of it was like.

I can understand why this is such a popular collecting pastime, in years to come, there will be few postcards for later generations to see, our generation will leave a legacy of Facebook posts, emails and tweets - quite sad really. It's really important for the handmade market to thrive - keeping old traditions alive in a time of mass production and I'm proud to be part of that.


  1. It is a little sad at the decrease of use in postcards over the years. I think the slow postage hasn't helped - normally cards show up weeks after people are back home again!

    But I agree with you that they are wonderful to see, and collect, and the ones with messages on the back are especially worth taking the time to linger over.
    Thanks for sharing your photos :-)

  2. We always send Granny a postcard even if it's from a day out somewhere special. Tough we often send it when we are back home. As our home is over the ocean from her home I figure it still counts. :o) My boys love receiving them back too and luckily Granny and Grandfather send random postcards for no reason other than to say hello!


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